UX Research

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Parent/Student mobile app

Using an open card sort, live intercept and unmoderated user testing to validate our approach to navigation for a new parent/student mobile app.

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UX Ops: Bringing in new technology

The objective of this project was to extend the UX & Research team’s bandwidth by allowing for more research to happen with less effort through unmoderated research. Additionally, this tool could increase and diversify the research methodologies at their disposal.

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Reacting to COVID-19: A collaborative project with a big impact

The goal was to take the pulse of our hiring managers and job seekers on how COVID-19 has been affecting their job search and recruitment efforts. I was contact by both product managers and ask to help set up a short survey to accomplish this.

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Not Another Insurance Company

A series of different forms of user research for an undisclosed insurance company aptly renamed “Not Another Insurance Company (NAIC).” The team performed a series of 3 projects including interviews, focus groups, and finally a workshop to help this company improve their implementation process.

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Usability: Bath and Body Works

End to end user testing on the new Bath and Body Works Loyalty App.

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