About Me

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Hello, I’m Victoria! I’m based in Philadelphia but am willing to travel and work remotely. I possess an entrepreneurial spirit and am comfortable wearing many hats in an organization. I love watching the puzzle pieces of a project come together to form a cohesive whole that inspires clients, and helps them connect with their customers. I am currently working on a few personal projects as well as getting a UX certification. Click around to check out my work.






Five fun facts worth knowing about me:

  • I am the eldest of four girls
  • I love to cook, have a food blog, and bake wedding cakes
  • One time I won a rock climbing competition in the novice division
  • Studying abroad in Tokyo spurned in me the desire to go to a new place every year
  • My last meal would be burrata, mom’s bechamel lasagna, and Jeni’s Darkest chocolate ice cream