Experimental Studio

Experimental Studio is a process based creative coaching method that is designed to help people through transitions, leaps and growth. I was hired to design an app for communication, scheduling, and coaching materials. I collaborated with a graphic designer for some of the background patterns, icons, and logo. I worked hand and hand with the owner of Experimental Studio through the design process to create a prototype for her to present in meetings.

We started the process with a collaborative Miro board (virtual whiteboard) to figure out what needed to be in the app and a mood-board to get a feel for what we wanted navigation to look like.


  • Bold & sexy look and feel
  • Give EXS clients easy access to all the materials needed for coaching sessions
  • Scheduling and communication capabilities between EXS clients and coaches
  • Educate clients on the way the app works using an interactive tutorial

After we had the site mapped out I started sketching and producing paper prototypes. My client lives in NY so I scanned everything into Invision so she should test it with her future clients and friends to make sure we had everything we needed. See below to view the changes to the navigation style and overall style as the process continued.

Outtcome: A very happy client and plans to partner with a developer to code the app and get it into use soon!

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