User Experience Research

Not Another insurance company

Project: A series of different forms of user research for an undisclosed insurance company aptly renamed “Not Another Insurance Company (NAIC).”  Performed a series of 3 projects doing interviews, focus groups, and finally a workshop to help this company improve their implementation process.


  • Helped develop the methodology used to complete the interviews
  • Served as the client liaison to the moderator
  • Sourced and ran the tech setup to record the screen and the respondent’s facial expressions during the interviews
  • Took notes using a rainbow chart as well as live using Morae software
  • Contributed to the report and designed mockups to propose an on boarding tutorial and future research

Bath and Body works

Project: End to end user testing on the new Bath and Body Works Loyalty App.


  • Helped to develop recruiting criteria
  • Supported senior researcher in conducting user research in the lab
  • Edited and produced basic highlight videos
  • Mocked up screens between testing days to show new workflows to testers
  • Analyzed and synthesized findings to help write final report
  • Aided senior researcher in delivering findings to client