Septa App Redesign

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Current Septa App Screens

I started this project with a look at the current site and identified pain points by using the app myself and talking to some family members who commute with SEPTA regularly. I drew up a few scenarios before deciding which new features would be absolutely necessary. I knew I wanted a clean, simple, easy to use design.

original showcase

SEPTA app screens–Download PDF

 Rough and Low Resolution Site Map

I mapped out the site with two different options upon initial download of the site.


LowResUser Flow–Download PDF

Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototype showcaseSeptaApp Rapid Prototype Wireframes–Download PDF

Wireframe Mockups

After that I used the program Balsamiq to create low resolution mockups. As I worked on those I made a few changes to the interface. In particular to the some of the scheduling screens.

Rapid to balsamiqSepta App Mockups–Download PDF

High Fidelity Screens

I started building the high fidelity mockups in Sketch and soon discovered I didn’t need ‘home’ to be on the home screen. I also found I needed to adjust some of the scheduling screens again. I made a few versions of this ‘Purchase Pass’ Screen. The one I chose to showcase is the most modern looking of the three. I used Sketch and Invision to share my designs with a few friends and family members to get feedback as I worked. The latest version has received two thumbs up from my testers!



SeptaApp High Fidelity Screens–Download PDF

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